1 Glider-Cal 5oz (142g)

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Glider-Cal 5oz (142g)


Glider-Cal Calcium Supplement

Glider-Cal is a Calcium Supplement for Sugar Gliders of various ages.

Produced as an ultr-fine powder for easier coating of fruits or insects.

Baby Sugar Glider

Glider-Cal can be sprinkled on fruit daily, or added to nectars and other foods. There is no phosphorus in this supplement.

Highly recommended for Glider owners feeding mealworms. Mealworms are high in phosphorous, this high phosphorus content blocks calcium absorption, so, it is suggested, when feeding mealworms, to incorporate a ‘no-phosphorus’ calcium supplement into their diet.

Glider-Cal is excellent for Sugar gliders with lower calcium intake in relation to phosphorus intake. Helps prevent calcium deficiency and hind leg paralysis.

You can also mix Glider-Cal with Glider Booster to further enhance the health of your Sugar Gliders. Mix a half teaspoon of Glider-Cal with a half teaspoon of Glider Booster per 400grammes of food (fresh fruits or fresh vegetables). Sprinkling Glider-Cal mixed with Glider Booster on live insects as a coating before feeding is another way to get the supplements into the animals.

Get more information about Sugar Gliders on our sister site Debonaire Exotic Animal Encounters.


  • Calcium carbonate 96.5%
  • Magnesium carbonate 3.5%

Ensure the health of your animals by adding Glider-Cal to their diet.


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